Powering the Digital Railroad Network

Meteorcomm® is the rail industry’s trusted choice for reliable and interoperable wireless communications and train control solutions. Meteorcomm delivers innovative products and services that enable Positive Train Control (PTC) compliance, signaling and improve operational efficiencies.

Meteorcomm® develops train control products as well as radio, messaging and systems management solutions that enable PTC operations and cost effectiveness. Our technology solutions are currently being used by Class-I railroads, short-line railroads, commuter-line railroads, system integrators and PTC hosting providers. Our company partners with world-class manufacturers, system integrators and software developers to enhance, support, and deploy our solutions.

The voice of our customers drives our strategies, products, and services. We strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering reliable and cost-effective solutions that help the rail industry overcome its greatest technical challenges.

Our Mission

As the leader in railroad wireless connectivity, we understand that the first step in railroad efficiency is reliable communications and train control. Everything we innovate is designed to do just that. That’s our commitment to deploying mission-critical technologies that maximize operations on and off the tracks.

Where We Started

Headquartered in the state of Washington since 1975, Meteorcomm® pioneered the commercialization of meteor burst communications as an effective and reliable alternative to satellite communications. Our technology was quickly adopted globally, across multiple industries — and the rest is history.

Meteorcomm® Today

We are best known for delivering innovative products and services that enable Positive Train Control (PTC) compliance and enhance operational efficiencies. Our ITCnet® communications platform is widely used and widely trusted, allowing us to partner with world-class manufacturers, system integrators, and software developers to enhance, support, and deploy this system across the country.

Our train control solutions include hardware and software that enable interoperable traffic flow management of rail systems. Leveraging reliable messaging and radio communications, we deliver train control solutions that lower operational risks.

With one eye on today and another on tomorrow — we strive to present solutions that meet our customers’ needs now and in the future.

Interoperability is critical to successful PTC operations because trains frequently travel on tracks owned by other railroads. Successful interoperability demands a reliable wireless communications system with the ability to relay data across the entire U.S. rail infrastructure. To meet these demands, Meteorcomm developed and now provides the Interoperable Train Control Network (ITCnet®) platform as the communications solution for PTC.

Meteorcomm partners with world-class manufacturers, system integrators, and software developers to enhance, support, and deploy ITCnet® solutions across the country. All Class I railroads, as well as commuter and short line railroads, are currently using ITCnet®.

Where We're Going

Our passion creates solutions that remove obstacles and allow railroads to operate safely and efficiently. We continually lead the way in the development of advanced wireless communications and train control technology for the industry as a whole.

Through strategic partnerships and the unwavering dedication to help customers succeed, Meteorcomm will continue to be a pioneer in developing some of the world’s most innovative wireless communications technology.


Systems made to exchange data seamlessly across railroads.


Reducing risk of operational interruptions with solutions developed to support up to 5-9s reliability.


Solutions built to accommodate new services and applications.


Products designed to make maintenance easier and faster.


Products and solutions built to maximize uptime through high reliability and ease of maintenance.