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Introducing ARedge: Future-Proof Wayside Edge Processing

Meteorcomm’s multi-purpose wayside edge processing platform tackles WMS capacity, migration and obsolescence challenges.

Railroads are finding that their current wayside message server (WMS) solutions are presenting long term challenges.  Many current Wayside Message Servers:

  • Lack the capacity required to incorporate new solutions such as Field Gateways applications for CTC over ITCM;
  • Are based on 32-bit processor architectures, and won’t support migration to 64-bit OS’ as the 32-bit OS’ go end-of-life; and
  • Some are nearing the end of their service life and are no longer supported by the manufacturer

Enter ARedge — a future-proof, rail-qualified, wayside edge processing platform. In fact, we at Meteorcomm believe it is the last wayside messaging solution you will need. Our flexible design is easily upgradeable to end the risk of early obsolescence and cut lifecycle costs.

With more processing horsepower than any other rail-qualified edge-processing solution, ARedge easily handles advanced wayside messaging, analytics, and edge processing. Because we exclusively work with railroads, we know exactly what the industry requires. This system is a years long culmination of our expertise. The ARedge platform helps move the industry forward with its adaptable, scalable, supportable, and expandable solution.

ARedge decreases lifecycle costs because it eliminates premature obsolescence. That means there is no need to replace units every few years. It is also easily upgraded, to keep up with any future changes in the industry.

Let’s jump into the details.

Key Features:

  • Flexible design to support future expansion based on the AAR-standard ACC backplane
  • Quad-core, 64-bit processor with RHEL 6.10 or later. Certified on both RHEL 6 (32-bit) and RHEL 7 (64-bit).
  • Expandable storage (32 GB standard)
  • Extensive I/O support (Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS422 async or sync, GPIO)
  • Systems Management Agent for remote management and recovery
  • Containerization support
  • Class D server (multiple active connections)

ARedge Supports:

  • Wayside ITCM messaging
  • CTC Field Gateway: Use as a CTC over ITCM Field Gateway to support bi-directional communication between the field and Back Office
  • Monitoring and control of wayside systems such as flange lubricators, switch heaters (including control, status, and fuel level)
  • Site Monitoring for door alarms, main power status, and standby power plant status
  • Big data business intelligence and IoT with status information, logs, and other data from wayside devices (such as interlockings, grade crossing controllers, defect detectors, etc.)
  • Virtualization of wayside applications which support containerization at the wayside

Interested in learning more about ARedge or working with us to solve your rail challenges? We’re standing by to help.



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