PTC 220 Radios

Reliable, Interoperable Communication

We partner with world-class manufacturers, system integrators, and software developers to enhance, support, and deploy Meteorcomm’s Interoperable Train Control network (ITCnet®) across the country. Our Positive Train Control (PTC) radios are one part of the system. Our radios relay mission-critical data between locomotives, base stations, and waysides all while meeting specifications and remaining available.

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Base Station Radio

Installed at fixed locations, base radios provide radio frequency (RF) connectivity between the back office and all wayside and locomotive radios in the system.

Locomotive Radio

Located in the locomotive cab, these radios reliably communicate with the back office through base stations; and directly with the wayside radio through a 220 MHz RF link.

Wayside Radio

Wayside radios are remote, fixed-location radios installed at waysides to provide signal status, switch position, and track integrity information to the locomotive. They also communicate with the back office for maintenance, diagnostics, and more.

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