Post-deployment PTC support​

On-going support ensures efficient operations

Once implemented, our service team helps customers maintain reliable, cost-effective Positive Train Control (PTC) solutions and continue to meet Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) requirements.

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On-site troubleshooting

Routine PTC operations may be disrupted due to radio site equipment outages or environmental issues. Our team helps customers quickly determine outage sources and find and deploy corrective measures, as required.

On-track testing support

Regular on-track testing validates that a PTC system meets FRA requirements. We provide our customers with professional services personnel during planned test activities to better enable their success.


We offer PTC communications training courses throughout the year online, at our location, and even at customer locations. Please check the schedule for the current schedule or to schedule your training today.

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PTC Industry Leaders

Meteorcomm is the trusted source of PTC solutions for all Class-I railroads as well as short- and commuter-line railroads, system integrators, and PTC hosting providers across the nation.

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