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Meteorcomm’s Interoperable Train Control network (ITCnet®) is currently utilized by Class-I railroads, short-line and commuter railroads, system integrators, and Positive Train Control (PTC) hosting providers across the nation. This system supports PTC by coupling industry-leading hardware with advanced software to enable highly reliable interoperable train control communication.

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Interoperable Train Control Messaging - ITCM®

Interoperable Train Control Messaging (ITCM®) is an advanced middleware messaging system customized for the railroad industry that supports seamless communication across multiple organizations in tens of thousands of remote endpoints. It allows the back office and railroads to exchange messages regardless of their physical location or type of connectivity.

Interoperable Train Control Radio - ITCR®

The Interoperable Train Control Radio (ITCR®) relays mission-critical data between locomotives, base stations, and wayside locations meeting railroad specifications and operating in a wide variety of conditions.

Interoperable Train Control Systems Management - ITCSM®

Interoperable Train Control Systems Management (ITCSM®) is a scalable way to manage both operational, maintenance and security related tasks. This technology supports update and configuration of assets from the back office.

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