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We are the railroad industry’s trusted source of innovative wireless communications and train control technology, creating solutions that remove obstacles for reliable and efficient railroad operations. 

Innovative solutions for the rail industry’s greatest technical challenges

Achieving reliable, interoperable railway operations is one of the main challenges of our time. Our team leverages a diverse set of capabilities and industry-leading knowledge to deliver ingenious technical solutions that solve rail communication and train control challenges of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.


Systems made to exchange data seamlessly across railroads.


Reducing risk of operational interruptions with solutions developed to support up to 5-9s reliability.


Solutions built to accommodate new services and applications.


Products designed to make maintenance easier and faster.


Products and solutions built to maximize uptime through high reliability and ease of maintenance.

Unrivaled expertise for the highest standard of PTC support

Our dedicated Professional Services team works hand-in-hand with customers to provide expert service that supports Positive Train Control (PTC) implementation and anticipates customers’ needs.


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Passion and innovation shape our day-to-day

Our hard-working, close-knit team delivers inventive solutions in a collaborative environment to keep the railroad industry moving forward. We are fully committed to Equal Employment Opportunity.

The trusted choice for reliable, innovative train control solutions