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Backed by unrivaled expertise in wireless communications for the rail industry, Meteorcomm’s Professional Services team provides service solutions for customers facing Positive Train Control (PTC) challenges. Meteorcomm assists with all aspects of PTC communications by working hand-in-hand with customers and providing the necessary resources to complete the job at the highest quality.

Back Office Reference Design and Integration Support:

Back Office design and integration is required to test and deploy Interoperable Train Control Messaging (ITCM). Meteorcomm helps by deploying applications to ensure that the Back Office functions with the messaging middleware.

Lab Setup for Meteorcomm Products:

Meteorcomm offers lab setup for all ITCnet® products, including PTC 220 radios, ITCM, Systems Management, and Test Executive. This allows customers to validate and understand the PTC communications system prior to deployment. Lab setup can also enable integration testing for all PTC components.

Non-PTC Interference Research:

Customers may encounter interference caused by other radio services. Meteorcomm can identify the source of non-PTC interference and offer mitigation recommendations.

Radio Network Planning:

Meteorcomm helps customers plan PTC setup and operation, including selection of base station locations, wayside radio propagation, track-point-to-message mapping, and message time slot planning. Meteorcomm also assists with model propagation using ITCnet Planning Module (IPM).

Site Survey Support:

Customers select sites for Wayside and Base Station radios based on their own logistic requirements. Meteorcomm supports customers by identifying site-specific resources and sensitivities that may affect successful PTC operations.

On-Site Troubleshooting:

Routine PTC operations may be disrupted because of radio site equipment outages and environmental issues. Meteorcomm can help customers determine the source of the outage and provide corrective measures, if required.

On-Track Testing Support:

Customers perform on-track testing to ensure their systems meet Federal Railroad Administration requirements. Meteorcomm offers Professional Services personnel during planned test activities to ensure customer success.

Drive Testing Support:

Customers need to validate propagation, PTC signals, and message capabilities at given track points. Meteorcomm helps customers with propagation, drive testing, and message availability by track point, as well as PTC-on-PTC interference identification.


PTC communications training courses are offered throughout the year at Meteorcomm as well as at customer locations by request. Meteorcomm also offers several e-learning courses. Please check the Events Calendar for the current schedule.

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