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Centralized Traffic Control
Positive Train Control main image
Directing the Movement of Trains

Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) is a form of railway signaling that allows dispatchers to view and set track positions and indications remotely from their offices. Multiple communication systems are frequently used to enable these operations.

With Meteorcomm’s ITCnet being deployed across the U.S. rail infrastructure in support of the Positive Train Control (PTC) mandate, CTC applications are now able to run communications through the ITCnet platform.

Consolidating CTC Communications with ITCnet

Meteorcomm supported the railroads in modifying CTC implementations to run all communications using the ITCnet platform. CTC applications can now use any of the available Interoperable Train Control Messaging (ITCM) transports (220 MHz, cell, Wi-Fi) to ensure a high level of communications reliability. In addition to reliability improvements, railroads will experience cost savings through consolidation of system equipment.

  • A highly reliable and interoperable wireless communications platform for the rail industry.
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  • Meteorcomm offers a range of services to help the rail industry successfully deploy and operate ITCnet.
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