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ARedge Server


ARedge is a future-proof, rail-qualified, wayside edge processing platform and the last wayside messaging solution you will need. ARedge’s flexible design is easily upgradeable to eliminate the risk of early obsolescence and minimize lifecycle costs.


Use the ARcpu to harness more processing horsepower than any other rail-qualified edge-processing solution to handle advanced way-side messaging, advanced analytics, and edge processing applications.


The AReio extended digital I/O board provides a railroad-grade interface to external wayside devices. The AReio features legacy serial interfaces supporting common railroad data protocols as well an isolated digital interface.

CTC over ITCM®: (Centralized Traffic Control over ITCM)

CTC over ITCM is a specification for exchanging CTC messages over ITCM® using the existing PTC communication infrastructure. This allows railroads to use their existing PTC communication infrastructure to expedite the FCC 900 MHz migration that affects the railroad ATCS channels. This solution allows railroads to take advantage of ITCM’s inherent support for multiple communication paths and ITCSM.

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