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A Reliable and Interoperable Wireless Communications Platform for the Rail Industry

Meteorcomm’s Interoperable Train Control Network (ITCnet) is a highly reliable and interoperable wireless communications platform that is being used by all Class I railroads, as well as commuter and short line railroads, in support of Positive Train Control (PTC). ITCnet relays mission-critical data between mobile and fixed assets across the U.S. using multiple communication transports (220 MHz radio, IP, cell, satellite, and Wi-Fi) to ensure a high level of reliability.

The ITCnet platform includes a core communications system that consists of a 220 MHz radio network (ITCR), a messaging system for the Back Office and remote devices (ITCM), and a systems management framework (ITCSM). ITCnet software runs on Meteorcomm’s radios that are installed in locomotives, waysides, and base stations.

Messaging (ITCM)
ITCM is a messaging solution that allows applications to exchange messages regardless of their physical location or type of connectivity.
Systems Management (ITCSM)
ITCSM is a gateway, protocol, and reference agent that provides an interoperable method for monitoring and management of assets.
Radio (ITCR)
ITCR is a highly efficient, low bandwidth radio network that is customized to support interoperable communications between railroads.
ITCnet Tools
  • Listed below are ITCnet tools that enhance system operation and management.
Test Executive

Test Executive is a set of software tools that test the performance of ITCnet components in a lab environment. These tools generate artificial message traffic that simulates real-world scenarios to validate ITCnet system configuration and operation. Test Executive monitors important statistical parameters, including latency, dropped messages, and message path selection. This data is then stored in a file and displayed in a graphical representation on the Test Executive user interface.


ITCnet Planning Module (IPM) is a software tool that provides slot plans for ITCnet communications. IPM combines railroad track data, wayside message data, and RF propagation estimates to ensure delivery of messages at required track locations.


The Automatic Test System (ATS) performs rapid and repeatable tuning, calibrating, and testing of ITCR radios – helping to minimize downtime and maximize the efficiency of central repair facilities. The software provides a library of drivers and test algorithms that work seamlessly with the test equipment and the radios being tested. Individual radio tests can be skipped or run multiple times to support debugging of radios and printed circuit boards.

  • Additional ITCnet information is available by request. Please send an inquiry using the form on the Contact page.
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